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HeadCrusher signs to Spora Recordz

Spora Recordz will be releasing HeadCrusher’s new record titled, “Black Burning Skies.” This release will also come with HeadCrusher’s last album “Let The Blood Run” as a double LP. We are very...
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S:t Erik interview from Temple of Perdition

… on the galactic highway, Interview with S:T ERIK !!! A couple of months ago, swedish doom metal rockers S:t Erik finally got to see a vinyl release for their “From Under The Tarn” album. This amazing 5-track...
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S:t Erik’s “From Under The Tarn” gets The Monolith’s 2012 re-release of the year

There is a well trodden path behind leading cosmic doomers Electric Wizard. In fact, it’s trampled. A galactic highway. And So, it was refreshing when I discovered the vinyl release of From Under The Tarn, first released in...
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New Releases from Spora Recordz

Headcrusher: Let the Blood Run
Mr. Gnome: Madness in Miniature
omotai terrestrial grief
Omotai: Terrestrial Grief
Boyfrndz: All Day Pass